Harry Potter

This is a very short version of the review; full text is available in Russian.

A popular Russian blogger and writer Leo Kaganov wrote a hilarious review (in Russian) of the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Due to a large number of cultural references, that review will probably make sense to you only if you’re Russian, or at the very least is very familiar with the Russian culture.

Unsurprisingly, many butts were hurt and many words were wasted. Among these, I found one of the most accurate and short descriptions of the Harry Potter series (translated from Russian):

…Having read the whole series, I have to mention the remarkable stupidity of „the Deathly Hallows” even among the other Harry Potter books. The director isn’t the one to blame.

Harry Potter books are targeted at the teenage readers, who have no problem seeing the spineless, lying petty nerd as a Glorious Hero. 90% of the time he is breaking very sensible laws and rules, getting away with it thanks to his parentage and protection from the suspicious boy-loving headmaster. The remaining 10% he is trying to deal with the consequences of his own stupid behaviour, surviving only because of the enormous amount of deities jumping out of machines conveniently planted at every possible corner.

From the comments section of Leo Kaganov’s blog.

This is, of course, an exaggeration, but I really didn’t like the books. I tried to watch the movies first. Couldn’t stop myself from yawning and falling asleep. Then I tried to read the books, following the recommendations of the series’ fans. The books were definitely better. I had managed to read two and a half of them before giving up. The main problem really takes its roots in the books.

There is no internal consistency, neither in the story, nor in the world of the series. Everything happens just because it’s convenient for the author to advance her story at the moment. I sort of understand why it managed to get so much popularity: the story of a miserable teenager who happened to be very special without any effort on her/his part is a recipe for success. But that’s extremely boring.

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