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Danila Sentyabov (photo)
My name is Danila Sentyabov.
You can use VK, FB to contact me.
To the more conservative ones of you email is available too: info@dsent.ru.
Please, use that address only for personal messages. All business proposals, requests and questions about usage rights should be sent to business@dsent.me.

Occupation and career

Over a decade ago started my career in IT. In the following years worked as systems administrator, information security engineer, IT manager, IT/IS department chief, CIO and CISO for a relatively well-known regional Russian systems integrator. Lately shifted my focus to government relations and project management. Have learned a thing or two about IT, information security and security in general, HR and applied psychology, change management, business development, and the perils of excessive alcohol consumption.

I’ve enjoyed programming since early childhood, writing my very first lines of code as a five years old. In spite of my career choices I’ve never abandoned this passion, participating in open-source projects and just coding stuff for fun. In the recent years I’ve indulged myself a bit more heavily by supervising and participating in a few in-house software development projects.

My professional profile is available on LinkedIn.


Mostly interested in (not implying that I know a lot about each topic):

  • IT, programming, functional programming and λ-calculus, database design and management, knowledge bases, heuristics and artificial intelligence;
  • entrepreneurship and investments attraction;
  • business process modelling and management;
  • systems analysis, requirements analysis, systems engineering;
  • HR management (recruiting, motivation, competencies, assessment and certification);
  • personal development, goal setting, self-motivation, time and task management;
  • investing and budgeting;
  • psychology and neurophysiology, internal mechanics of human thinking;
  • rationality and logic, mental discipline, overcoming cognitive distortions and biases (including the ones caused by pressure of public opinions, marketing, traditions and religious beliefs, morality and ideologies of all kinds);
  • evidence-based medicine and healthy lifestyle (not the anti-GMO environmentalist vegan superstitious nonsense, but the WHO-recommended ways to improve life quality and lifespan, based on real scientific research and statistics);
  • world history, especially the development of European civilization (from the Ancient Greece to the present days);
  • scientific method and philosophy of science;
  • technological change and space exploration;
  • transhumanism, technological singularity, improvement of human nature (via genetic engineering, cyborgization — replacement of body parts and organs by superior and more durable electro-mechanical implants, mind uploading — transfer of the human mind to a specially engineered computer and other means), reaching human immortality;
  • and many other things.

Also, check out my Goodreads (book lists and reviews) and IMDB (the same for movies) profiles. More or less detailed reviews are posted on the blog under Reviews category.


Born in Kazan, Russia. Despite quite a few Germans and Poles and who knows who else among my ancestors I’m 100% ethnic Russian, wearing ushanka in winter, preferring vodka to any other alcoholic beverage and unable to resist urges to play balalaika for my domestic bear.


Being a believer in Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) and a faithful servant of the only True Church, I will not tolerate any disrespectful comments towards my religion or blasphemy against His Noodliness (aka pastphemy). Such comments will be immediately prosecuted with pasta fat curse. RAmen.


I’ve been to seven states to date (including my home country).

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Danila is a male Russian version of the biblical name Daniel.
Reads as /dʌn’iːlɑː sentæbʌf/ (done-‘eel-ah sent-‘ya-buff).
If that’s hard for you to pronounce, Daniel is OK.